Thank you for visiting our new website. The site’s development is a further milestone in our progress toward becoming an indispensable source of news and business intelligence for solicitors and other legal specialists, both online and in print., which has seen traffic double in the last year, already has around 300,000 unique monthly users. Our Daily News Update, launched last October, is read by tens of thousands. This complements a weekly print magazine with a circulation of 118,000 – Europe’s largest legal journal.

Naturally, we hope the new site will increase our online readership still further by helping you stay on top of breaking news and legal business trends. It incorporates a cutting-edge new look, additional features and easier navigation. To give just one example, for the first time in-house lawyers now have their own discrete section, acknowledging that the Gazette is a must-read for all solicitors, wherever they work.

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Paul Rogerson is editor in chief of the Gazette