A law firm that helped secure the US’s largest payout for an individual whistleblower is encouraging Europeans to come forward and report financial mismanagement.

New York-based Meissner Associates is collaborating with German-based Naegele and City firm Brahams Dutt Badrick French to create the new initiative designed to support people who want to report financial mismanagement. 

The firms are encouraging anyone working with a European or multinational company whose securities trade on US exchanges as well as US companies that do business in Europe, and who suspects dishonesty, to come forward.

Stuart Meissner, managing member of Meissner Associates, said the partnership would provide a legal support system for Europeans who ‘may want to come forward as whistleblowers but have not had the confidence that their voices would be heard.’

In August, Meissner represented a former financial executive at biotechnology company Monsanto who was awarded $22.5m (£18m). The award settled allegations that the company misstated its earnings by not properly accounting for millions of dollars paid to distributors.

Naegele and Brahams Dutt Badrick French will advise on local legal issues, including challenges from employers.

Meissner added: ‘Becoming a financial whistleblower is a huge commitment and takes considerable courage and stamina.

‘Our European partners are extremely skilled in local employment law that could come into play. And our firm has the background to provide a fully experienced counsel specific to whistleblower cases covering any possible issue that may arise.’

Arpita Dutt, founding partner at Dutt Badrick French, added: ‘We are pleased to establish this unique international alliance with Meissner and Naegele to ensure that whistleblowers have the best possible access to justice through seamless and confidential counsel with leading advisers in the field of whistleblowing law.’