A non-practising barrister who was jailed for stealing £153,000 and two gold bars from the police force he worked for has been disbarred.

Mujibur Ibrahim, formerly a financial investigator at Leicestershire Police, was jailed for four years in October last year.

The cash and the gold bars were seized during one of the force’s drug trafficking investigations. Ibrahim stole them to fund a gambling addiction. He qualified as a barrister in 2014 but was not practising at the time of his conviction.

Ibrahim was ordered to pay compensation of £40,000, a victim surcharge of £120, a deprivation order of £113,610 and costs of £900 following last year’s trial.

A bar disciplinary tribunal yesterday found Ibrahim ‘engaged in conduct which was likely to diminish the trust and confidence which the public places in the profession’.

The BSB said he failed to report promptly that he had been charged with an indictable offence.

According to Leicester Crown Court, Ibrahim, who pleaded guilty, had access to safes holding cash for the East Midlands Special Operations Unit’s regional asset recovery team and the financial investigation unit.