A barrister has been disbarred for posting ‘seriously offensive’ tweets that targeted Jews, quoted Hitler and criticised Muslims and black people.

Ian Millard was disbarred at an independent disciplinary tribunal hearing on 27 October.

The tweets were posted in November 2014 and targeted various groups of people including Jews, pro-Zionists, Muslims and people he referred to as ‘chavs’.

The tweets, sent between November 21 and 30, included one which read: ‘”Two cab drivers guilty of refusing to pick up blind man and guide dog”. Muslims again. Wake up, UK!’

Another said: ‘Juden sind hier unerwunscht’ which translates as ‘Jews unwanted [or not wanted] here.’

He also posted: ‘So-called *Black Friday [a term for a busy shopping day] is just that in the UK. 95% blacks and browns, with the odd white chavscum here and there. UK finished?’

In another post, he wrote: ‘Hitler considered that a Jewish homeland would be a threat to humanity’ [Deborah Lipstadt, notorious Jew-Zionist, on CNN]. He was right!’

Since being disbarred Millard has continued to post messages, including about Zionism.

He has also commented on his case and wrote: ‘I think that, had I pleaded to stay at the bar, I would not have been disbarred. In fact, the disbarment suits me. I am now free’.

According to the Bar Standards Board, which brought the case, Millard made it clear that he was a barrister on his Twitter account at the time of the offensive tweets. A reference to being a barrister has since been deleted.

Sara Jagger, director of professional conduct at the BSB, said the use of such offensive language was ‘incompatible with the standards expected of barristers’.

Millard is currently unregistered and last held a practising certificate in 2007. He was called to the bar by Lincoln’s Inn in November 1991.

The decision is open to appeal.