Barristers’ set Seven Bedford Row is to ditch the traditional reams of paperwork and will instead roll out a ‘paper-light’ policy.

The Gazette understands the new measures are currently being reviewed and will be produced and implemented across the set later this year.

According to 7BR, the policy is part of an ‘ongoing review’ of improvements to the service it offers clients as well as its comitment to environmental responsibility.

Rachel Holmes (pictured), chief executive of 7BR, said: ‘In addition to the obvious environmental benefits this policy will provide, it is also integral to keep us at the forefront of wider technological developments in the legal sector, which our law firm clients – as well as the courts – are increasingly embracing.’

The set’s new policy will enable documents to be received by solicitors via a Dropbox link at the end of barristers’ email pages.

Bundles of documents can also be created, altered in format and edited quickly, then scanned between the solicitor and barrister for hearings and conferences. Expert reports can also be edited online with suggested alterations highlighted at the appropriate point in a report, which is then emailed to the expert.

7BR said this will avoid printing costs for instructing solicitors and save time.

Holmes added: ‘There will also be immediate benefits for the set and our practitioners. Paper occupies a lot of space, so the square foot size of offices can be reduced, as well as the reduction in DX bills and a reduced fire risk.’

The set is yet to reveal a target and said it will do this once the policy is in place.

Earlier this year, it was reported that north of England-based chambers St John's Buildings had plans to make investment in technology during 2017, and it was set to become a paperless environment.