A judge has been sacked after receiving a 16-month jail sentence for lying to the police in the Huhne/Pryce speeding scandal.

A statement issued today by the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office said recorder and fee-paid tribunal judge Constance Briscoe ‘has been removed from judicial office without further investigation’ by the lord chancellor and the lord chief justice.

Briscoe (pictured), 57, became the first judge to be jailed in recent history following her conviction and sentence in May for perverting the course of justice as part of the investigation into the former Cabinet minister Chris Huhne.

She was suspended from sitting after her arrest in October 2012 and has not undertaken any judicial duties since then.

Two juries heard that Briscoe had helped her friend and neighbour Vicky Pryce, Huhne’s wife, reveal information to the press that Pryce had swapped speeding points with her husband, after the couple had split up.

Briscoe was charged with making inaccurate statements to the police, altering her witness statement and deliberately getting a document expert to give an opinion on the wrong version of her statement.

The first jury at Southwark Crown Court was unable to reach a verdict, but the second jury at the Old Bailey unanimously convicted Briscoe, who was one of the first black female judges in Britain.

The scandal led to Huhne’s resignation and prosecution. Huhne pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice and Pryce was convicted of the same offence. Both received eight-month sentences.