Consolidator Metamorph Law has made a further acquistion with the buyout of south-west conveyancing firm BPL Solicitors.

BPL, based in Dorchester, Bristol and Bournemouth, was formed in 2005 by solicitors David Bridge and Mark Stimson. It has around 100 staff.

David Bridge, co founder of BPL, will take on the role of national head of Metamorph Law’s conveyancing division.

Further details, including the cost of the deal, have not been revealed.

Simon Goldhill, founder and director of strategy at Metamorph, said: ‘This deal gives us real presence in the residential conveyancing market, adding a recognised and respected brand to our stable.’

Bridge said: ‘The opportunity to join the Metamorph business gives BPL an excellent platform on which to continue to grow and develop its brand.’

Metamorph Law, which received an ABS licence in April 2016, was created to acquire, transform and aggregate existing high street firms focused on private client and SME work. Other firms it has bought include north-west firm Linder Myers and Shropshire-based SLC Solicitors.

In the past the buyer has made distressed purchases, picking out firms in financial difficulty, though the latest deal does not fall into that category.