Lawyers at international firm Dentons have reported feeling less stressed and an improvement in their wellbeing after completing a two month ‘mindfulness’ programme.

Around 60 workers across the firm’s European offices completed the eight-week NextMind programme, which combines education, practice and open discussion. Dentons says it the first global firm to launch such a programme.

Participants learned about the neuroscientific aspects of long-term stress, psychological pitfalls of perfectionism, social and business consequences of cognitive bias, and the hazards posed by multi-tasking.

To measure the impact, participants completed a self-assessment before and after the programme. On average, according to Dentons, they reported a reduction in stress of almost one third, a 75% improvement in social wellbeing and an 18% improvement in emotional wellbeing.

Karina Furga-Dąbrowska, partner at the firm, said: ‘The social competence and emotional intelligence of our lawyers and leaders are key to success in tomorrow’s legal advisory market. Thanks to mindfulness meditation, we come to know ourselves and our emotions better, and are thus better able to consciously direct our actions. We also come to better understand the needs and emotions of others, which is key to better team management and the development of lasting trust-based relationships with clients.’

Dentons said it plans to roll out the program more widely over the coming year.