The public access barrister who was the subject of an unprecedented public warning by the Office for Legal Complaints has been suspended by a bar disciplinary tribunal for failing to pay for work done by colleagues.

Tariq Rehman was found to be in breach of his professional conduct after he failed to pay three barristers' bills of £2,007.62, £164.40 and £136.80.

Rehman has been suspended for two months for each offence, the Bar Tribunals & Arbitration Service said. The suspensions will run concurrently. 

The suspension, which is open to appeal, follows the Legal Ombudsmun's naming of Rehman in December last year as a risk to clients following 25 complaints about him over two years.

At the time Rehman defended his record, saying the ombudsman had paid no attention to his client satisfaction rate and had given a misleading picture of his record by failing to take account of his business model.