London health and business set Outer Temple Chambers has set up a pioneering Bar Standards Board-regulated entity and employed a solicitor.

The new venture, Outer Temple International, was approved as an entity last week.

BSB-authorised bodies are fully owned and managed by authorised individuals.

Christine Kings (pictured), one of two directors at Outer Temple, said the chambers’ international work sometimes required the services of a solicitor. ‘We are not setting up the service as a law firm but it does make it easier to provide a standardised service,’ she said.

Last month, the Gazette reported that 6 Pump Court had become the first major chambers to set up a business that the BSB would regulate as an ‘entity’.

The BSB expects to expand its licensing to alternative business structures once approval is granted by the lord chancellor.

ABSs, unlike entities, can be owned and managed jointly by authorised and non-authorised individuals.

A BSB invitation to tender for intervention agents to act in the event of an ABS getting into difficulties closed at the end of September.