‘Big four’ professionsal services outfit PwC has launched a flexible lawyering service for its in-house teams. The initiative, called Flexible Legal Resources, will provide temporary lawyers for clients’ in-house teams during busy periods.

PwC told the Gazette the primary areas the service will be used for are:

  • Large-scale contract review and or implementation exercises;
  • Large scale disclosure and review exercises arising as a result of investigations by regulatory bodies or litigation;
  • Helping with abnormal spikes in workload for their in-house team.

A pool of lawyers will work as self-employed contractors or freelance and PwC said it will ’identify and recruit the best talent’. Peter Workman, director leading PwC’s programme, said: ‘The legal landscape has changed with employees demanding more flexibility. Talent pools are shifting and technology is disrupting businesses meaning our clients are actively seeking adaptable workforce solutions.

‘The contingent workforce is an attractive option. It allows clients to ramp up their legal teams up and down depending on changing business demand. Our Flexible Legal Resources service gives them access to a rich talent pool, but still allows them to drive efficiencies in overheads.’