A solicitor who failed to comply with a Legal Ombudsman decision and a court order enforcing it could face prison, according to a court ruling. Rhiannon Cory, an ex-practitioner at Castle Law in Wales, has been given a final opportunity to comply with the order or face a two-week sentence.

The case was brought by a client identified as Mr Ladbrooke, who was representing a deceased person whose estate Cory was dealing with. In his complaint, Ladbrooke said he was unable to secure either completion of the administration from Cory or any assurance that she would do so.

In 2014, the LeO ordered Cory to reimburse £527.28, reduce her fees, and complete the administration of the estate. However, she failed to do so.

‘This is in short a solicitor who has hidden her head in the sand and continues to do so’, the judgment, handed down by His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn, sitting in Cardiff County Court, said.

In June this year, the LeO obtained a court order to enforce compliance. That hearing was scheduled for 3 November.

‘So the matter stands that she has been aware of the wish to enforce these proceedings since July,’  Llewellyn wrote.

The judgment added that Cory knew about the committal application, that she was required by court order to attend, and that it was due for hearing on 3 November.

Llewellyn added that he would make an order that Cory be committed to prison for 14 days but that this would be suspended on condition that she attends the court.

A hearing is expected early next month.