A barrister who shouted at a colleague and prevented them from leaving a conference room has been reprimanded and fined by a disciplinary tribunal.

Robert Gilbert, of Fountain Chambers in Middlesbrough, ‘shouted at another member of the profession’ in an ‘aggresive manner’ and prevented that person from leaving a conference room by placing his arm against the door.

The Bar Tribunal and Disciplinary Service (BTAS) found Gilbert had acted in a way that was likely to diminish trust and confidence the public puts in the profession. Gilbert, who was called to the bar in 1986, was fined £750.

Further, the BTAS said Gilbert failed to provide a competent standard of service by failing to treat his client with courtesy and consideration and caused them unnecessary stress by telling them that he would no longer act for them.

The decision was published on the BTAS website. Fountain Chambers has been contacted for comment.