Who? Richard Stein, partner at national firm Leigh Day.

Why is he in the news? Acting for two UK expats bringing a legal challenge against the government’s decision to prevent Britons who have lived abroad for more than 15 years from voting in June’s EU referendum.

Stein is arguing that the EU Referendum Act prevents people exercising their EU freedom of movement rights by excluding them from the vote.

The expats involved in the challenge are Harry Schindler MBE, a second world war veteran living in Italy, and Jacquelyn MacLennan, a partner at the law firm White & Case who lives in Brussels.

Stein filed court papers for the judicial review challenge in the High Court last week. He expects the case to be heard in the third week of April, with a decision by the end of the month.

Thoughts on the case: ‘These expats have got a very close connection with the UK and would be hugely affected by the outcome of the referendum. It seems wrong to prevent them having a vote in a referendum which affects them more than the rest of us.

‘It makes no sense to maintain the 15-year cut-off for people living abroad, particularly as it is Tory policy to allow Britons living outside the UK votes for life. Why not introduce votes for life in this very important vote?’

Dealing with the media: ‘The media has been very keen to speculate about whether the case would delay the referendum and whether that has been our intention – which it’s clearly not.’

Why become a lawyer? ‘To give voice to individuals and groups of people unhappy with the way parts of the state are making decisions about them without listening to their voices.’

Career high: ‘Working with so many people over the years who feel passionately about important issues.’

Career low: ‘The increasing attacks on legal aid and judicial review by the coalition and current government, which have made it harder to hold the state to account.’