Who? Liz Dux, national head of personal injury south-east and central, Slater and Gordon.

Why is she in the news? On 15 January Mr Justice Openshaw brought an end to criminal proceedings against Lord Janner for alleged child sexual offences, following his death. Dux represented eight of the alleged victims.

Thoughts on the case: ‘I was first instructed by several alleged victims at the point when they had been told by the DPP there would be no prosecution due to Janner’s mental condition.

‘They were elated at the prospect of finally having their allegations tested in court through a trial of the facts after I invoked the Victims’ Right to Review to overturn the DPP’s decision. But elation gave way to disappointment when they learned Janner’s death put an end to any chance of giving evidence in a criminal court.’

Dealing with the media: ‘It was important to ensure that while there was still a prospect of a criminal trial of facts, nothing was said to prejudice proceedings. Since then there has been much interest.’

Why become a lawyer: ‘I come from a family of medics and wanted to be a psychiatrist, but was shocking at sciences at school. Being a specialist abuse lawyer means having real empathy with those who have suffered terrible damage and helping them in a way that is positively tangible.’

Career high: ‘Resolving the Savile cases successfully in the Court of Appeal after attempts by the beneficiaries of his estate to block the settlement that had been agreed between all parties.’

Career low: ‘It is soul-destroying to speak to survivors of sexual abuse for whom we are unable to help achieve any sort of justice. I hope the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse led by Justice Goddard leads to some real legal reforms being introduced in this area, such as mandatory reporting.’