Solicitor, Clitheroe

Jenna Atkinson

Who? Jenna Atkinson, solicitor, Harrison Drury, Clitheroe.

Why is she in the news? Started a ‘Be a Little Kinder Campaign’ to surprise people with a random act of kindness.

Thoughts on the campaign: ‘I started the campaign at the beginning of the year after coming up with the idea on a trip to New York. The idea was at least twice a week, to surprise someone – a business connection, a stranger or a friend/family member – with a random act of kindness. My nana and grandma, who were two of my biggest inspirations as they had hearts of gold, used to tell me how amazing it would make them feel to receive handwritten letters and postcards from my grandads when they were in the Royal Navy and Royal Airforce. I wanted to make other people feel the same, tell them things I love about them and spread kindness. The surprises have ranged from handwritten cards to small gifts/vouchers. The way it has made people feel is invaluable. We should not judge others but always look for the good in people, which is the heart of what the campaign is about. I have also found that unexpected kindness can be so powerful, and it is free for all of us to give.’

Dealing with the media: ‘There has been interest in this story as a positive campaign during this difficult time. I have just “been myself” with the media in the hope that the campaign would begin locally and become national. The kinder we can be to each other the better. Kindness is so important, it can have such a good effect on the world, so although the campaign is simple, the message is key. I think the media liked that and saw my genuine passion for this and wanting to make a difference.’

Why become a lawyer? ‘To make a difference to people’s lives. I always wanted to specialise in family law – seeing and helping people through one of the most difficult times in their lives is why I do this. I truly care about the situations clients can be in.’

Career high: ‘I will never forget going to the Law Society admissions ceremony after so many years of working towards qualifying as a solicitor. A few years on, I am in my perfect role as a family solicitor at Harrison Drury and I have recently become Resolution-accredited in private children law work and matrimonial finances.’ 

Career low: ‘I have had knockbacks along the way but I am a great believer that you must always have faith in others and yourself. Be resilient, as everything happens for a reason.’