Who? Andrew Myers, litigation partner at a London firm.

Why is he in the news? Won a case against train operator First Capital Connect (FCC), which was disputing the validity of a loophole allowing him to save more than £700 on the price of his annual season ticket.

Myers, who represented himself, travels from St Albans to London on a season ticket that previously he would buy at St Albans. However, he discovered that buying a ticket at Watford North would still allow him to travel to London via St Albans, but at a much-reduced cost.

FCC would not recognise the less expensive ticket and insisted that Myers bought a fresh one. He sued FCC at St Albans County Court, where the train operator, deciding no longer to defend the claim, was ordered to pay Myers damages, costs and interest of £2,193.

Thoughts on the case: ‘I was only doing what I advise my clients to do, which is sue when they have a valid claim. Accordingly, I sued FCC for the price of the additional ticket and won. The court even ordered FCC to pay for my time (unusual in the small claims court) because it considered FCC had been guilty of unreasonable conduct in defending the claim, even though they knew it was valid.’

Why become a lawyer? ‘Litigators have great opportunities to right wrongs – at least some of the time. Some 20 years on, I still love being a litigator, which was unfortunate for FCC.’

Career high: ‘Taking on a bully some years ago, who was wrecking my clients’ business, and winning.’

Career low: ‘Not getting partnership at the firm I trained at. But I believe that God knows what He is doing with my (and everyone’s) life, and I am still having a great career.’