Anglia Research is a specialist provider of probate genealogical services, both to the legal profession and to the general public. An international firm now in its 5th decade, Anglia Research’s expertise and dedication has been instrumental in tracing thousands of missing and unknown beneficiaries, as well as tracking down lost documentation and assets. Its professionalism and diligence has led to the successful administration of thousands of estates, both in the UK and around the world.

Genealogical research is a challenging and dynamic field. It requires a forensic attitude to research, a detailed knowledge of all the available sources of information and, above all, a determination to succeed.

At Anglia Research we pride ourselves on the experience, skill and integrity of our staff and associates, many of whom are renowned experts in the genealogical field. We also focus hard on delivering the highest quality of service both to our clients in the legal profession and to beneficiaries. We value our relationships with all our clients and work in close partnership with them to resolve their cases quickly and efficiently.

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