At Blanchard’s Inheritance we specialise in Genealogy, Probate Research and Beneficiary tracing.

We have a team of dedicated researchers, based in the South East of England, who together have traced thousands of missing heirs around the world, as well as tracking down lost documents and assets, dealing with estate distribution and many other probate services available to both the legal and public sectors.

We have a wide range of expertise within the industry and are constantly renewing, updating and adapting our techniques to ensure that we are as accurate as possible with our research. We appreciate that each case we are faced with is different than the last and make certain we offer a fast and efficient service for all parties. It is also of great importance to us, that when working on our more sensitive cases, we tread carefully and with the utmost respect for any relatives involved.

Some of our most popular services within the legal sector are:

  • Locating missing beneficiaries
  • Tracing Executors or Trustees
  • Missing Will services
  • Asset searches
  • Bankruptcy searches
  • Missing Will Insurances
  • Indemnity Insurances
  • Family tree verification services
  • Estate distribution schedules
  • Certificate services
  • Probate property services & sales
  • Title deed searches

We offer a few flexible fee options, based on either time-spent or contingency basis.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything then please contact us now for a free no obligation consultation.

Contact details:
Business Development: 01843 808037