CILEx is the professional association for 20,000 paralegals, legal professionals and Chartered Legal Executive Lawyers across England and Wales. CILEx is an Approved Regulator under the Legal Services Act 2007 and all CILEx members are regulated by ILEX Professional Standards (IPS).

CILEx provides cost-effective, vocational and apprenticeship routes to qualification as a lawyer without the need for a law degree. CILEx also offers education, training and skills development for its members and those who wish to become more proficient and knowledgeable about the law. CILEx represents the largest group of paralegals in the UK.

Chartered Legal Executives are fully qualified lawyers who have completed the academic and work-based learning needed to become a CILEx Fellow. Study is through full or part-time courses and is available from around 80 CILEx accredited centres across England and Wales and via distance learning. University graduates are also able to qualify as Chartered Legal Executives through the Graduate Fast-track Diploma.

Chartered Legal Executives specialise in a particular area of law and their everyday work is similar to that of a solicitor.

Chartered Legal Executive Advocates have rights of audience in civil, criminal or family proceedings. They represent their clients in the County Court, Family Proceedings Court, Magistrates’ Court, Youth Court, Coroner’s Court and in most Tribunals, depending on their area of specialism.

Chartered Legal Executives can become partners in law firms and are also eligible to be appointed as Judges and Coroners.

CILEx is also the approved regulator for Associate Prosecutors working in the Crown Prosecution Service, enabling them to exercise litigation and advocacy rights in the Magistrates’ Courts.