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Clio is a web based practice management solution that was produced with the cooperation and advice of Bar Associations and Law Societies worldwide. Cloud-based, mobile friendly, and built specifically for the legal profession, Clio delivers all the tools modern law firms need to run their practice: case and matter management, calendaring, time tracking, note-taking, document management, tasks and workflow, and billing. Clio integrates seamlessly with other popular applications such as Google Apps, Microsoft’s Outlook, Dropbox, NetDocuments, Xero and many more.

Clio takes a different approach to practice management. Clio is:

  • Available without a contract - from £56 per user per month.
  • Quick to setup.
  • Easy to use, with free migration of your existing data.
  • Free of ‘bolt-ons’. No fees for support, training, setup, or maintenance.

Save Time

Clio empowers today’s legal professionals to take control of and make better use of their time. In fact, results from a survey conducted with approximately 3,500 Clio customers in September of 2013 revealed that, on average, Clio saves them up to 8.5 hours per week in administrative and billing time. These time savings can be invested back into the business of the firm - from doing work for clients to attracting new work—or into personal matters, such as time with the family and other personal pursuits. Customers refer to this saved time as the Clioday, and have remarked that it is one of the most invaluable services provided by Clio.

Clio primarily serves the needs of solo practices and small to medium sized law firms focused on leadership, growth, and innovation. In September, the company hosts a user conference where the best and brightest legal minds converge to discuss technology and the future of law.

Founded in 2007 with global headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Clio is a refined and future-friendly platform that continues to push the boundaries for cloud-based legal services.

In October 2013, Clio formally opened its EU presence to accommodate EEA data protection and residency requirements.

With a product that is saving thousands of lawyers millions of hours around the globe and a passion for innovation and technology, Clio continues to grow and evolve; it now employs over 120 employees and has opened offices in Toronto, Canada and Dublin, Ireland. As more and more legal professionals use Clio to save time and be more efficient, Clio continues to evolve and innovate using digital technology to help update and improve legal practices.

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