Legal Software for Small Law Firms

LEAP is a cloud legal software solution for small law firms wishing to become more efficient, more flexible and make more money! It allows small law firms to work naturally using a single integrated case management system that enables you to do more work with the same number of people.

LEAP is solely focused on the needs of small law firms. We like to say that we help the lawyers who help people which is why we have such a deliberate focus on these small firms and the areas of law most common to them such as:

  • Family Law
  • Conveyancing and Property
  • Wills and Probate
  • General Litigation
  • Personal Injury
  • Criminal Law
  • Immigration
  • Small Business
  • Commercial Law

LEAP really is everything you need to run your small law firm and includes; legal forms and precedent letters, all of which are kept up-to-date and highly automated for accuracy and ease of production. All common rates and charges are automatically adjusted and data capture fields are built in to each matter type so that you don’t have to spend months trying to customise the system.

  • One system - easy to use and fully integrated
  • No servers - simplify your IT, lower your support costs
  • Mobility - work anywhere, any time
  • Automated forms

LEAP allows everyone in your firm to work naturally using a single integrated system so you can do more work with the same number of people. Because LEAP is designed for small firms, the feedback we receive is focused. As a result, LEAP is a remarkably practical and user friendly solution for anyone working in a small law firm.