MEWA provides high quality cost-effective expert witness reports in all fields. We can prepare any expert report anywhere in the UK in 1-2 weeks in Urgent cases. We have access to 5000+ active experts throughout UK, Ireland & International.

We cover all specialists in all Medical and Non-medical fields including Psychiatry, Psychology, Forensic, Nursing, Dental, Pathology, DNA, Digital Forensics, Forensic Scientists within legal aid rates.

Our experts are willing and able to provide expert opinions for defence or prosecution or a single joint experts for to courts, tribunals, defence, Police, CPS and members of public.

We cover all areas of law including Child and Family Law, Civil and Personal injury, Asylum and Immigration, Criminal cases, Employment law, Clinical and Medical negligence.

Why Us?

  • UK’s leading dedicated One stop Provider of experts in all fields.
  • Access to Pre-eminent 5000+ experts in all Medical, Clinical and Forensic specialities.
  • Full UK & Ireland Coverage.
  • 14000+ cases handled to date with 4+ years of experience.
  • Free screening for civil and negligence cases.
  • Free expert witness advice for Criminal & Family Cases.
  • Urgent reports in 1-2 weeks.
  • We cover all fields of medicine and surgery including experts in allied health professions such as Psychology, Social Workers, Nursing, Midwifery.
  • Experts with local knowledge.
  • Experts with Specialist knowledge of interface in law and health.
  • Choice of Male & Female Multilingual Experts.
  • Reports by fully accredited experts who can withstand scrutiny by the courts and legal professionals.
  • Affordable and Cost-Effective Flexible fee structure and special consideration for privately funded cases.
  • Clear fee structure with capacity to work with legal aid agency (LAA).
  • Quick appointments and fast delivery of reports as standard.
  • We offer long term deferred payment terms for personal injury and clinical negligence cases.

Contact Details

0800 061 4616 or 0121 661 6371