Stone King commercial lawyer Gavin Llewellyn was appointed president of the Intellectual Property Commission of the International Association of Lawyers (UIA) at the UIA’s recent annual congress in Florence, Italy.

Mr Llewellyn is a senior associate in Stone King’s corporate and commercial team who specialises in intellectual property (IP) matters. He speaks regularly on IP law at conferences organised by the UIA, which promotes professional excellence among the world’s lawyers.

The organisation brings together over 2,000 individual members and 200 bar, federation and association members from more than 110 countries. The IP Commission comprises about 200 lawyers from all over the world. It arranges seminars on IP law at the annual congress and during the year, sometimes in conjunction with other commissions with an interest in IP.  

Mr Llewellyn’s expertise covers a broad range of IP rights with a particular focus on brand and design protection and exploitation, and on helping clients deal with contentious issues and business risks related to IP. 

He advises clients in the areas of copyright, design rights, trademarks, passing off, database rights, domain names and the developing law of privacy and confidence, as well as risks arising from the use of social media.  

‘It’s a great honour to have been appointed a commission president of this important and respected international body,’ said Mr Llewellyn.

‘Intellectual property rights are essential for most businesses and need to be understood and protected. I look forward to working with colleagues from around the world to exchange knowledge and to promote greater understanding of this complex area of law.’