Veteran music solicitor Mark Wilkins has joined recent City arrival, Everys Solicitors.

Focusing on companies in the music, digital and technical spaces, Mr Wilkins aims to add value to the usual client-lawyer relationship by revisiting the ‘Music Business Angels’ concept he co-founded in the early 2000s.

Returning to London after several years in southern Europe working in the property asset and debt markets, Mr Wilkins will also nurture his abiding interest in new, creative talent that is at the heart of a myriad of online business including YouTube and Spotify.

Mr Wilkins said: ‘I have been looking for the right team to join for some time and the Everys recipe is right.’

He continued: ‘The landscape for the music and associated business has changed beyond recognition in recent years. Now is the time for the business of music to re-visit its core models and adapt to suit the cascade of new technologies… or get lost in the stampede.

‘There are many hugely talented executives who see the wood for the trees and aim to realise the new wave of commercial opportunities.’

Everys Solicitors has a 200-year history as private client, commercial and property lawyers with a headquarters in Exeter from where a team of commercially savvy and highly experienced lawyers undertake transactions for worldwide clients at a fraction of the equivalent London prices.

Mr Wilkins teams up with his long-term former colleague and expert litigator Stephen Beverley.