Exeter-based business coach Judy Salmon has joined nexa law as a consultant to oversee the firm’s newly-developed wellbeing programme.

Judy Salmon

Judy Salmon

The programme will allow fee-earners to come together online to discuss their key challenges. There will be training sessions designed to support lawyers to grow in confidence, and one-to-one coaching with Salmon for those who want a more personalised approach.

nexa hired an external consultancy to speak to each lawyer at the firm to gather confidential feedback on their wellbeing needs.

nexa’s business development manager Matthew Dunne commented: 'We’ve had such great feedback from people about being part of nexa law, but also about how they valued the opportunity to share their thoughts with someone. We very deliberately avoided just sending out a questionnaire by email, but instead invested in giving our people the opportunity to have a confidential one-to-one conversation with another human. I’d encourage every business to listen to what their people are saying and to understand how they’re really feeling.'

Salmon commented: 'I have worked with Magic Circle, City and regional firms for over 20 years designing and delivering training programmes that absolutely reflect and meet the needs of the lawyers. I’m really excited about working with nexa to give their lawyers the best experience of working in a distributed law firm. Notwithstanding that nexa’s lawyers are geographically far apart, it’s my job to ensure they feel connected – both to each other and the nexa brand.'