Peter Edwards, managing partner of Tozers Solicitors LLP, is stepping down from the role today as he intends to retire from the firm in the next year. Paul Kelly, who is currently head of the litigation team at the firm, will be Tozers’ new managing partner. Similarly, Graham Bond, who has worked for the firm for 46 years, is handing over the reins today to Richard King who as Tozers’ new chairman will become the public face of the firm.

Vernon Clarke, a member of the firm’s Strategy Committee, comments: “Peter has been managing partner of Tozers for 20 years and we owe him many thanks for continuing to steer our Devon firm, which was established in 1785, on a course of stability and solvency despite the difficult economic circumstances that the country has faced in more recent years. We look forward to hearing of the continued success we are sure he will achieve in ballroom dancing competitions now that he can devote more time to his hobby.”

Paul Kelly comments “I am looking forward to continuing to work in a great leadership team at Tozers alongside my professional practice, building on our current success with our local and national client bases”.