A second judge has been admonished by the body in charge of judicial discipline for taking too long to produce a judgment.

The Judicial Conduct Invetigations Office, in a statement published on Wednesday, confirmed that His Honour John Hand QC had been subject to an investigation 'following a complaint of a serious delay'.

The JCIO said: 'The lord chancellor and the lord chief justice found that the delay was unacceptable and concluded that the judge's behaviour amounted to misconduct, falling below the standards expected of a member of the judiciary. They have issued His Honour John Hand QC with formal advice.'

No further details were given about the length of delay or nature of the case.

He has been sitting as a deputy circuit judge since June 2017 and is based at Central London County Court. He was called to the bar in 1972, took silk in 1988 and was elected a bencher in 1996. He was appointed a recorder in 1991, a member of the employment appeal tribunal in 2002 and a circuit judge in 2008. 

Complaints about judicial delay are rare. Of the 2,652 complaints the JCIO received in 2016/17, nine related to judicial delay. 

Earlier this month the JCIO announced it had issued The Honourable Mr Justice Timothy King with a third reprimand following a complaint about a 'severe delay' in producing a judgment.