The Bar Council has published a statement in support of trans, non-binary and gender fluid barristers, encouraging all chambers to consider trans inclusivity in their diversity and bullying policies.

In a statement posted on its website, the Bar Council says it is ‘important to recognise that some people are transgender and that not everyone feels that their gender can be defined within the margins of gender binary’.

It urged chambers to ensure that they consider the treatment of trans, non-binary, and gender fluid barristers and employees in their training, as well as in their policies relating to equality, diversity, bullying and victimisation.

It added that trans issues affecting chambers should be ‘addressed with respect’ and that there should be ‘confidential and supportive ways of reporting any experiences of discrimination, bullying, harassment or victimisation of trans, non-binary or gender fluid barristers and employees’.

‘We are a bar of all, for all, and the Bar Council urges chambers, employers, and individual members of the bar to promote this ethos across the profession,’ it concluded.

The Law Society reiterated this sentiment, saying it ‘stands as allies to our trans and non-binary colleagues'.

'The solicitors’ profession strives to uphold justice and ensure equality for all under the legal system. Transphobia has no place in our profession or any part of wider society,' it said. 

The Law Society has also issued a 'gender expression template' for law firms, giving an overview of the key areas for employers to consider when a staff member wishes to transition or change their gender expression at work.