I understand that the president of the Law Society has called for a freeze on civil justice reform, until the effects have been properly researched. This is welcome news.

As usual, the Law Society is being civilised and reasonable. But in modern Britain, how effective is this approach? Does our political class actually listen to polite, reasoned arguments?

I do not know the answer to this question. However, a number of recent examples from modern British life may be instructive.

When Sir Richard Branson was faced with losing the West Coast Main Line franchise, he immediately litigated. The government backed down. When the Gurkhas were faced with losing their British residency, they recruited Joanna Lumley to fight their corner. Again, the government backed down. When Abu Qatada was faced with deportation, he immediately litigated. The government has been thwarted, time and again.

Polite, reasoned arguments have their place. But when fighting your corner in modern Britain, surely a new approach is required. I wonder when the Law Society will wake up to this reality.

Boris Kremer, Kremers, Gosport