Am I alone in thinking, after qualifying 40 years ago, that what was then a profession which justified and duly received public respect has degenerated into a dog-eat-dog environment?

We already know that larger firms and conveyancing factories sell their souls to estate agents, developers and mortgage providers for a pittance (in some cases inflating their fees so as to be able to afford the kickback required by those providing the work). Worse things than that are now par for the course.

I am currently acting for clients purchasing a property taken by a well-known developer in part exchange, and the developer’s sales representative has attempted to persuade them to engage the services of their solicitor on the promise of giving them a £250 incentive. It beggars belief that there are solicitors who will accept work in such circumstances, in the knowledge that the client’s business has been bought.

It raises the question of why we continue to deceive ourselves in believing that we are members of a profession. We are not and, because we are not, why do we continue to be subject to over-regulation, as if we were?

MA Guest, Armitage & Guest, Wakefield