Provocative posters are being deployed by the Law Society in an advertising campaign urging people to ‘Ask A Solicitor’ when dealing with a crisis.

Examples of such incidents include: relationship breakdown (illustrated with a car vandalised by a disgruntled partner); disputed inheritance (an antique sideboard threatened with a chainsaw); and a neighbour dispute (pictured).

The campaign will include billboard advertisements at 220 railway stations and inside 5,000 buses; advertising and editorial features in 40 top regional papers; and free promotional material for legal firms.

Chancery Lane said the campaign will cost less than £3 per PC holder, ‘demonstrating the advantage of marketing on behalf of the whole profession’.

Society president Lucy Scott-Moncrieff said: ‘It is unusual for the Society to adopt such provocative imagery, but this is the best way to get across our message – when the crisis comes, don’t get angry, get advice from a solicitor.’