National firm Freeths has laid off 19 lawyers at the end of its redundancy consultation and has axed 11 support staff roles, while 36 employees have applied for 'voluntary redundancy'. 

In July, the firm announced that up to 80 jobs could be lost as a result of the pandemic. The cuts were expected to be split almost equally between lawyers and support staff, and are spread across the firm’s 13 offices.

The firm said it had worked actively with staff representatives and individual staff members to reduce the number of compulsory redundancies. Some 36 employees have applied who applied for voluntary redundancy, while others have accepted sabbaticals and reduced hours.

Chairman of Freeths, Colin Flanagan, said: 'This has been a difficult time for everyone in the firm in taking the necessary steps to align our headcount to our reduced levels of work in some departments. I am grateful that so many of our staff approached the process constructively so we could work together to bring down the numbers of those adversely affected.

'Nevertheless, it is with sadness that we see some of our valued team members leaving the firm. We thank all of them for their contribution in the past, and they leave with our very best wishes for the future.'