In 2006 I got a job with a City firm. It proved to be very stressful and within months my occasional recreational use of drugs had turned into a full-blown addiction. I found myself deeply in debt and alienating my family and my firm.

In desperation I called LawCare in June 2007. It put me in touch with the Solicitors Benevolent Association and suggested I ask my GP to put me on the waiting list for inpatient treatment. With my agreement, LawCare liaised anonymously with the Solicitors Regulation Authority to clarify matters with regard to my financial and employment situation, and assigned a LawCare volunteer to support me as I tried to straighten out my life.

Before LawCare or the NHS were able to refer me for treatment, however, I was admitted to a rehab clinic following an overdose. SBA then paid for three months of specialist addiction treatment and follow-up counselling, where I was able to address my problem properly. Once I came out of rehab, LawCare contacted me and helped me rebuild my life, my career and my family.

I have now been clean for over five years and am working in the law again with a very successful career. I have also rebuilt my relationship with my family. I am enormously grateful to LawCare and SBA for their help and support when I so desperately needed it. I would urge anyone struggling with addiction issues, stress or other problems to contact LawCare sooner rather than later on 0800 279 6888. LawCare is a charity so the service is completely free and entirely confidential. SBA The Solicitors’ Charity offers help to those facing financial difficulties and can be reached on 020 8675 6440.

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