The Law Society of Hong Kong has denounced the actions of demonstrators who broke into the Legislative Council building, broke glass and spray-painted messages on the walls.

Extensive damage was done to the building, with portraits of political leaders torn down and stamped on. It is also alleged that some protestors attacked the police.

The siege of Hong Kong's legislative headquarters is the latest in a series of protests against an extradition bill that would allow citizens accused of crimes against mainland China to be sent there to go on trial.

The Hong Kong Law Society released a statement which said: ‘Open defiance of the law by protesters who broke into the Legislative Council building by force, inflicted bodily harm on others and caused serious criminal damage to the building, is to be deplored as an affront to the Rule of Law.'

It added: ‘There is a line separating the lawful exercise of constitutional rights, as evidenced by recent peaceful demonstrations, from unlawful activity, which is and should be subject to sanctions and constraints. Where the line has been crossed, the police should take appropriate action.’

A spokesperson for the Hong Kong Law Society said: 'Hong Kong's legal system is renowned for being transparent, trustworthy and fair; ranking well internationally and underpinning Hong Kong's reputation as one of the safest cities in the world. Any alleged breaches of the law in the recent events should all be handled in accordance with the legal system that has been working well.'