The Law Society in Wales has expressed concern about fresh travel restrictions announced the day after England came out of a second national lockdown.

Yesterday the Welsh government announced that Wales’ coronavirus regulations would be amended to prohibit travel to and from tier three areas in England. New guidance would be issued ‘strongly advising’ people in Wales not to travel to other parts of the UK with lower levels of coronavirus.

The Law Society in Wales said the latest announcement was part of a raft of changes to Wales’ coronavirus regulations. ‘These measures, whilst no doubt well intended, are going to be very difficult to implement and police. We question whether sufficient numbers of the population are currently aware of the recent legislation to greatly increase police powers in Wales.’

Brecon Beacons, South Wales, near the border between England and Wales

Law Society in Wales says measures to curb Covid must be reasonable and practically enforceable

Source: Nick Potts/PA Wire/PA Images

Last month, while people were banned from travelling into Wales from England, South Wales Police announced it would conduct random vehicle checks to ensure those visiting Cardiff city centre were not breaching regulations. Those found to be breaching coronavirus legislation could be fined and directed to leave the city.

Details of the new laws are unclear at this stage. 

‘When the Welsh parliament issues travel guidance "strongly advising people in Wales not to travel to other parts of the UK", what does this actually mean?,' the Society said. 'Can the people in Wales travel outside Wales without implications? Any mechanisms to fight the spread of this disease have to be considered. But any measures must be reasonable, proportional and practically enforceable.’