The Law Society has said it stands by its draft model conditional fee agreement, which was issued ahead of the Jackson reforms coming into force.

The Society has faced criticism from some online commentators that the documents contained errors and could not be relied upon.

In a statement released today, the Society said practitioners should bear in mind the model CFA is intended as a guide and designed so it can be adapted to make it applicable to individual clients.

The statement said: ‘As in any complex matter different interpretations of the law are possible. The Society is aware that some queries have been raised about its interpretation of the new regulations but we are confident that our interpretation is to be preferred.

‘Of course, it will in the end be the courts that determine any contested legal issues.’

The organisation said it had taken the advice of leading costs counsel on the model CFA, which was drafted by a group of senior practitioners and approved by the Law Society’s Civil Justice Committee.

Any members with feedback on the model agreement can send comments to the Society’s working group at