Nearly half of junior lawyers are not aware of what lawtech is and nearly two-thirds do not think its perceived growth affects their job responsibilities, a survey has revealed.

The Law Society’s Junior Lawyers Division (JLD), which ran the survey, sought ‘to try and find out whether there is substance behind the noise’ that lawtech will have a huge impact on how solicitors work. 

However, despite the apparent lack of awareness, there is a consensus that lawtech will have an impact in the next five to 10 years. Just over 70% of respondents thought their area of law could benefit from technological advances and 43% predicted a fall in the number of those qualifying as a result of technology.

James Kitching, who sits on the JLD’s executive committee and prepared the survey, said: ‘There is still not enough engagement and understanding among junior lawyers as to exactly what lawtech is and how it can improve the way we work. It appears part of the reason for this is a lack of training and education on the topic at the graduate level.’

The survey was based on the views of 224 JLD members.