A personal injury specialist has been barred from the profession after being found to have ‘doctored’ a settlement offer.

Gillian Kershaw, who worked at Manchester firm Antony Hodari, was found to have changed correspondence in order to mislead, according to a Solicitors Regulation Authority notice posted last week.

It is understood that Kershaw tried to change the dates on offers that had previously been made to defendants.

The SRA notice said: ‘During her employment with Antony Hodari LLP Mrs Kershaw was found to have doctored correspondence in order to mislead and attempt to withdraw two part 36 offers, which had been accepted.’

After giving Kershaw a written rebuke and £1,000 fine, the SRA has now taken the decision to bar her from working for any regulated law firm without permission.

Senior adjudicator Annmaria D Forbes said Kerhsaw’s conduct meant it would be ‘undesirable’ for her to be involved in a legal practice.

Kershaw, who is 44 and from Bury, had been in the profession for more than 20 years and spent the last 10 of them dealing with litigation. She had previously worked at north-west firms Donn’s Solicitors and Pannone before joining Antony Hodari.

Kershaw was dismissed by Antony Hodari in 2013 and was working as a team leader at Manchester firm Carter Law when the SRA decision was announced. She has now left Carter Law.

Antony Hodari told the Gazette it does not wish to comment.