The oversight regulator has set up a new website bringing together research and insight into the future of legal services.

The Legal Services Board said will be a collaborative effort from lawyers, regulators, tech experts and consumers.

The idea is to show the progress made by a range of people and organisations with a role to play in implementing the LSB’s 10-year sector-wide strategy. Sections of the website are aligned to the nine challenges set out in the strategy, covering the economic health of the legal profession, levels of unmet legal need and diversity across the sector.

Matthew Hill, chief executive of the LSB, said: ‘We have set an ambitious 10-year vision to ensure the legal services market works better for consumers and society, and this platform will help us track progress.

'Reshaping legal services requires a collaborative effort from everyone across the sector and we want to help showcase and share the positive impact being made and identify where more work is needed. We invite everyone across the sector to share their work so that others can learn from it and build on it.’

Content so far includes an article from LawtechUK manager Felix Brown on the role of data in improving legal services, reflections from Shannett Thompson, a partner at Kingsley Napley, on being a black woman in the legal sector, and the Bar Standards Board on inequality issues at the bar.

The site is being managed and hosted by the LSB. The organisation, which is funded entirely from contributions from the legal sector, has confirmed it cost £11,136 to set up the site following a competitive procurement process.


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