Rob houghton

Rob Houghton

The much-vaunted Law Superstore website is finally relaunching with a new model – 18 months after being bought from its founders.

The home-moving comparison business reallymoving acquired the legal site in the summer of 2017 and this week announced what it says is a new business model for the Law Superstore.

Along the lines of the lead generation model common in the construction industry, consumers will be provided with four quotes for each enquiry, offering a choice of local providers where available, as well as online or phone-based firms.

‘Partner’ law firms are vetted over a three-day process, the business claims, with successful applicants invited to join the Law Superstore panel. The site takes a fee once it has delivered a pre-qualified client for business-related categories and for family, employment, property, wills and probate, and money disputes. The model has a different charging mechanism for personal injury and motor offence advice.

The site did not give details of fees charged, but said they would vary depending on the case and complexity of the legal matter.

Chief executive Rob Houghton said reallymoving brings two decades of experience in putting clients in touch with professionals, and supporting partners seeking leads.

He added: ‘Most people don’t feel comfortable instructing a lawyer online, but they do turn to the internet to research and source what they need. Our model offers our legal services partners reach and visibility with minimal effort and provides leads that are ready to be converted.’

Houghton said the Law Superstore was not a price comparison site, but a ‘comparison of services’, and in a statement rejected the idea that consumers would simply seek out the cheapest option.

The Law Superstore changed hands in 2017 after its previous owners admitted difficulties in persuading lawyers to sign up to the site. It was suggested at the time that solicitors were reluctant to let peers see their prices and allow online reviews.