The operator of the RTA Portal has said there are ‘no guarantees’ that changes needed to extend the claims system’s scope will be completed by the government’s April 2013 implementation date.

Changes to the electronic claims system are being made to meet the Ministry of Justice’s aim of increasing the maximum value of Road Traffic Act (RTA) injury claims handled from £10,000 to £25,000, and to extend its use to employers’ liability and public liability claims.

The RTA Portal Co announced last week that it has contracted a specialist software company, CRIF Decision Solutions, to implement the changes and to develop the gateway for EL and PL claims protocols.

Tim Wallis, chairman of RTA Portal Co, said the company expects the landscape to be ‘challenging’ but that it will continue to work closely with MoJ and await the finalised detail of the protocols.

He said: ‘We will continually assess the system requirements as more detail emerges over the coming weeks and months. We know that our user community is anxious about the timetable and ensuring they can develop their systems in time to support these changes.

‘In the meantime we are going as far as we can to develop the system as part of the intention to implement this by April 2013 but there are no guarantees.’