A solicitor who made antisemitic posts on social media has been struck off. Farrukh Najeeb Husain, admitted in February 2014, did not attend the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal hearing today. He had previously represented himself in tribunal proceedings.


All allegations against Husain over his comments made on his account on social media site Twitter, now called X, were found proved earlier this week, with the tribunal finding Husain was in breach of Principles 2, 5, and 6 of the SRA Principles 2019.

The tweets were published on Husain’s public profile.

The tribunal heard that Husain emailed the SDT indicating he would not be in attendance today. He made written submissions on mitigation before the hearing on sanctions and costs.

In response to Husain’s reference to the case of Howd, Louise Culleton, for the Solicitors Regulation Authority, said: ‘In terms of considering culpability…in my submission you may think any attempt by the respondent to say tweets were caused by his health, as he appears to be doing now, or his health contributed to his tweets, does not bear scrutiny on his own evidence, on his own account.’

She added that Husain said he was ‘entitled to freedom of expression’. She said: ‘He justifies his position rather than saying he was wrong. In his closing submissions he made similar statements.’

Culleton told the tribunal that Husain did not provide ‘any legitimate excuse’ for ‘his conduct, his antisemitism or offensive posting of tweets’.

The SRA made an application for costs of more than £40,700. The tribunal did not make a costs order.

Chair William Ellerton said: ‘As is normal process our full reasoning on sanction and cost will appear in due course in our substantive judgment. All I am going to do today is read out the tribunal order.

‘The tribunal orders the respondent Farrukh Najeeb Husain, solicitor, be struck off the roll of solicitors and further orders no order to costs.’