It was with interest that I noted Obiter’s recent nod to a syntax error on the website of Dynamo Legal (, the so-called ‘superbrand’ headed by Alex Mills of BBC’s The Apprentice ‘fame’.

Perhaps the young Mr Mills can be excused for the odd gremlin in the system given the fledgling status of his business, but I never cease to be amazed by the quality control (or lack thereof) employed by established firms in press releases, advertisements and the like.

During a recent holiday to the north-west I spotted an advert in a local newspaper placed by a firm of over 100 years’ standing, advertising its services in connection with ‘acidents at work’ and ‘negliegence’ claims.

As for Mr Mills, he need not worry if his stint on The Apprentice is brought to a premature end by the wagging finger of Lord Sugar. According to Dynamo Legal’s website, they have solicitors on hand who can offer ‘a free consolation’. Charming.

Tim Jones, Ellis-Fermor & Negus, Nottingham