Trending news articles on the Gazette this week…

1. Judge and counsel cross swords in ‘astonishing’ 15-week trial

‘Rude and childish’: Applications to appeal convictions are dismissed after judgment tells of acrimonious exchanges between bench and barristers.

2. Farrers cleared of negligence over £5m trust fund

Firm praised by judge for ensuring wealthy client was not a ‘victim of his own folly’.

3. Fairpoint enters administration - but Simpson Millar safe

Listed company succumbs to financial pressures and crippling lease costs.

4. Mail on Sunday sanctioned for ‘misleading’ report on top QC

Independent Press Standards Organisation finds report on Sasha Wass QC was not accurate.

5. Sip your drinks on entry, court users told

New rules will require court users to prove drinks are ’harmless’ before they enter court buildings.