Trending news articles on the Gazette this week…

1. Judge and counsel cross swords in ‘astonishing’ 15-week trial

‘Rude and childish’: Applications to appeal convictions are dismissed after judgment tells of acrimonious exchanges between bench and barristers.

2. Blame game begins as Google Translate stands in for court interpreter

Barrister on hand to download translate app after defendant unable to communicate with court.

3. Property solicitor banned for avoiding £50k stamp duty

Yorkshire solicitor declared artificially low purchase values for his house and office.

4. Clyde & Co solicitor referred to tribunal

Allegations against Charles Douglas Smith are as yet unproven.

5. Ten-minute rule: Law firm’s billing ‘unusual’, costs judge declares

Ten-minute units ‘uncommon’ in contentious work, with clients unlikely to recover such fees in full.