Trending news articles on the Gazette this week…

1. Barrister lifts lid on impact of rude and aggressive judges

Mary Aspinall-Miles says some judges ’undermine professional confidence’.

2. Blockchain deal bodes ill for conveyancers

Digital exchange contracts which could remove the need for solicitors used in Swansea property acquisition.

3. Signature-forging solicitor suspended after court deadline panic

70-year-old sole practitioner suspended for nine months and his future ability to practise restricted.

4. Solicitor’s breach of court trust made strike off the only option

Immigration practitioner Vay Sui Ip breached court’s trust in bid to halt deporations, tribunal rules.

5. Solicitor ‘thoroughly embarrassed’ by PI claims dishonesty

Lancashire litigator agrees strike-off for faking signatures and noting an incorrect date on a claim form.