Trending news articles on the Gazette this week…

1. Tribunal shows mercy to junior who worked in ‘culture of fear’

Solicitor is allowed to practise after tribunal hears of pressures she and colleagues were under.

2. Eighteen items for the new lord chancellor’s 2018 to-do list

Forewarned is forearmed – what solicitors need to look out for this year.

3. Sixth lord chancellor in six years as Lidington moves on

New lord chancellor to be named following David Lidington’s appointment to Cabinet Office.

4. Solicitor to pay £54k costs of failed appeal against £2k fine

Family lawyer said the SRA had been unfair in finding five allegations proved against her.

5. Solicitor banned for forging insurance documents as a novice

Lawyer accepted details of matter ‘did not add up’ but she had no recollection of wrongdoing.