Trending news articles on the Gazette this week…

1. MoJ unveils sweeping PI reform in expanded Civil Liability Bill

Legislation will include whiplash reforms and changes to the discount rate.

2. Solicitor fined after merger uncovered colleagues’ misconduct

Former principal Sheldon Leaman had no idea that improper transfers were taking place.

3. Lying solicitor banned after tribunal told stress is ‘occupational hazard’

Insolvency specialist had failed to inform client about application hearing for summary judgment.

4. Claimant lawyers will lose £81m a year as insurers pocket huge windfall - MoJ

Impact assessment estimates that civil liability reforms will see insurers bank hundreds of millions - as claimant lawyers are told to look elsewhere for work.

5. Irwin Mitchell loses £270k costs battle after moving clients to CFA

Legal aid certificates were discharged days before new rules came in around costs recoverability.