The Government Legal Department (GLD) has asked for any documentation to be sent to the agency by e-mail rather than post, to avoid handling of materials.

In an announcement today, GLD said it would ’strongly prefer electronic service of new legal proceedings in the UK’ that are required to be served on the Treasury Solicitor.

All new legal proceedings in the UK except new immigration proceedings should be sent be email to:

For new immigration proceedings the address is:

Immigration judicial reviews issued in the Immigration Upper Tribunal should be served on the Home Office at:

Litigation Allocation Unit 6
New Square Bedfont Lakes Feltham
TW14 8HA

Litigation correspondence related to the DWP that would normally be sent to Caxton House should for the time being be emailed to:

The email addresses above are for the service of new proceedings only: any other correspondence addressed to it will be deleted unread, GLD said.